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State Alchamist's Notebook
S'pose I'll be mostly posting about game-related things...An artist..(Drawing,graphics and a bit of photography..) Also still a bit of a gamer...Welcome to the Ramblings of an Alchemist..Perhaps on occasion I really will ramble on about various things..Aside from games stuff that is...
AlchemistLog: Mini-Update…Holy September, It’s November..!

Soo…I neglected to try and post something up from the last time I had meant to around here..Also been practicing a lot with my tablet..(or at the very least trying to get some practice in..) Been trying to play a little with my recently arrived copy of Super Smash Bros. 3DS..(Or as I like to call it..Smash pocket edition..)Even though I pretty much now have two of the “current” portable systems these days..(Or,roughly “current”…Cause I heard about the  New 3DS, as it’s being called.)..I now pretty much have plenty to do or play, as long as the battery is fully charged on each, outside of not being near a TV/console…Oh I guess in having both a Nintendo 3DS and PSPVita system..Things could get distracting at times..Especially with Smash..

             …Random Smash Run stats for ye…( ̄▽ ̄)/

Smash Run is surprisingly fun but chaotic…So is Trophy Rush..The Race stage thing is kinda annoying.(Unless you like to pick fast characters..Been playing around with some of the Newcomers the little bit of time I’ve thrown into the game…)Also cause it’s random whether they choose to stick you into a Free For All, Special match(Like you’ll see in a screenshot below..), or a Climb to the top thing…Well at least those of you who are playing or have seen some chunk of Smash Run gameplay..Hopefully know what I’m getting at..Anyhow..

        Getting used to Robin and what he has at his disposal…~

It seems the WiiU version has been announced for November 21st..Guess I don’t have as much time as I thought to practice/train with new and “favorite” characters…In other news, I’ve gotten better with my digital art, tablet..Enough to actually feel up to doing some Work-in-progress shots.(And possibly color the finished versions….)..Since that’s partly what’s been keeping me busy as well..Here’s a few digital Work-in-progress shots…(Probably should actually be throwing some up elsewhere more consistently..)

Been working on this off and on…Hopefully I’ll finish soon…

Recent one I’ve started…Maybe I’ll post more about it later…Pretty much a new original character though..

..Seems the better I get at my tablet..The busier things get generally…I suppose that’s it for now..Especially since I have stuff to catch up on..Namely chores..Until next post…~ ( ̄▽ ̄)/

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AlchemistLog:Quick Doodle Update…

So…Wasn’t sure what to update with,especially since I tend to have a sporadic gap between updates..But since i wanted to mostly keep this small corner of the net (Mostly)game-related..I did some fanart a month or so back..Of a game I kinda unintentionally took a break from..(That and stuffs come/came up..Plus the new Super Smash Bros. portable edition around the corner..)Anyway..Now for another hobbie of mine..Drawing.(And occasionally taking in-progress shots..) But hopefully I’ll get some other stuff up before Smash 3DS rolls along…( ̄▽ ̄)9 

..Oh my,what a difference shading can make..On a side note..A cousin’s birthday is soon..So there isn’t so much time to update..But I suppose there sorta is…Them freakin’ dishes just glaring at me though..

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31 Aug 2014
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Ads going up around Japan

Who’s Hype???

Anonymous:Is their another way of seeing those video leaks? They ended up getting copyright claimed.


Here we have a new version of the video leaks.  Again, watch with care if you don’t want potential spoilers.

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..Partly so it doesn’t look like suddenly all I wanna do is reblog here..I did a few custom wallpapers(One of them is made for PSPVita’s resolution by the way..) Sometime back of the game Mind Zero(MIND≒0) ..Also got a few other custom things I should get to posting soon hopefully…But the full version of the large wallpaper.(If tumblr decides to downsize it..)Can be seen here..

Indepth Look at Stages by Sakurai


Stages are where your Smash battles will take place. The lineup of stages differs between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. For the Nintendo 3DS version, stages are mainly drawn from other handheld games, whereas the Wii U version features stages inspired by games that appeared on home consoles.

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Basic Controls from Sakurai


Standard Attacks & Smash Attacks

Use the A Button to perform standard attacks. By holding the Control Stick or Circle Pad in a direction and pressing the A Button, your fighter will perform a strong attack in that direction.

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More CoroCoro Pics

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The Prince of the Sablé Kingdom, from the Japan-exclusive The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls (Game Boy) appears as an Assist Trophy!

He can either transform into a frog or a snake, and unleash many attacks on any opponent he catches.