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State Alchamist's Notebook
S'pose I'll be mostly posting about game-related things...An artist..(Drawing,graphics and a bit of photography..) Also still a bit of a gamer...Welcome to the Ramblings of an Alchemist..Perhaps on occasion I really will ramble on about various things..Aside from games stuff that is...
14 Aug 2014
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..Partly so it doesn’t look like suddenly all I wanna do is reblog here..I did a few custom wallpapers(One of them is made for PSPVita’s resolution by the way..) Sometime back of the game Mind Zero(MIND≒0) ..Also got a few other custom things I should get to posting soon hopefully…But the full version of the large wallpaper.(If tumblr decides to downsize it..)Can be seen here..

Indepth Look at Stages by Sakurai


Stages are where your Smash battles will take place. The lineup of stages differs between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. For the Nintendo 3DS version, stages are mainly drawn from other handheld games, whereas the Wii U version features stages inspired by games that appeared on home consoles.

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13 Aug 2014
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Basic Controls from Sakurai


Standard Attacks & Smash Attacks

Use the A Button to perform standard attacks. By holding the Control Stick or Circle Pad in a direction and pressing the A Button, your fighter will perform a strong attack in that direction.

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11 Aug 2014
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More CoroCoro Pics

04 Aug 2014
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The Prince of the Sablé Kingdom, from the Japan-exclusive The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls (Game Boy) appears as an Assist Trophy!

He can either transform into a frog or a snake, and unleash many attacks on any opponent he catches.

01 Aug 2014
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This is Target Blast, a brand new minigame, fusing Home-Run Contest and Target Smash!

Upon you touch the bomb, a countdown starts. During this time, you need to build up damage on the bomb, to throw it far away. You get points by hitting targets. You can use two bombs.

This mode’s scores contribute to your Global Smash Power.

AlchemistLog: Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late,Some New Stuff…


                “….Look At How Gloriously Adorable I Am!…~

..It seems the previous(Arcade version)official Webpage has updated with Videos that show basics of specific characters..But only of the playable characters so far in Arcades…But I guess I’ll wait for subbed versions to actually post ‘em up..Also the PS3 ports official webpage updated.(Presumably in celebration of the game releasing in Japan..)With wallpapers..One with all the playable characters and another with all of them in chibi form as seen in this..(But tumblr will probably shrink it down..)


(Full version Here…)

Also it seems a few people have ripped/uploaded Nanase and Byakuya’s theme songs..

Also, Akatsuki and Chaos’s themes were uploaded at some point..

Oh also the same guy who ripped Nanase and Byakuya’s themes also uploaded the Console ports main menu theme it seems..

Welp…Enjoy..Until next post..~

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While the Tekken stream is down, Nintendo’s 3DS Smash Stream is going on right now. Top of the article has some Wii U archive footage as well. Check it out!

..Some footage for those who’d like to watch..~(Streams still Live for now..)

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AlchemistLog: Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Videos..(Tutorials)


..So it seems the videos that inbirthPR(Under Night’s official channel I linked to in a Previous post..)Did upload something of a series of Tutorial, general gameplay form of videos..And youtube user Fragarach subbed them..

Welp..Enjoy..Till next post..( ̄▽ ̄)/

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