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State Alchamist's Notebook
...An artist..(Drawing,graphics and a bit of photography..) Also still a bit of a gamer...Sometimes I ramble..
February’s Almost Over…

And I forgot to post this pic and update this little space..Heh.

…Gonna Send This..You Get E-Candy On Your Phone With A Cute Message..And No Cavities..~

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QuickLog: …Welp..

Not much for the moment cause this year has been ridiculous…Looks like I am ringing in the New Year with tissues and blowing the old year out with my nostrils…

Yeah…Tissues..The best friend of anyone who’s sick..(Man..Had to lose my sense of taste with this stupid crud..) Well..Any venting I would have probably done in the past(Would have probably met with awkward silence anyhow..)Likely won’t happen..I dunno weather it’s cause I am more content than past years or…I just have become that apathetic in terms of expression on the World Wide Web…

Anyhow since I doubt I’ll bother through here later..Happy New Year Anyone who happens to read this..!~

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AlchemistLog: Saturday, June 22nd…

The Official Start of Summer It Seems…Was Yesterday..


..It seems it’s kinda too easy to lose track of time and make these entrys every other day…Anyway. But I have basically been still working on art and considering getting back to writting in general..(Not just posts like these..) ..In and out of having a backlog of things..But maybe soon that won’t be as slightly overwhelming as it is…I also got semi-finished things I am not sure when I’ll fully finish due to my habit of drawing multiple things even as I have started to or have just finished something..

Bah..This image editor app made my lines look digital somehow…Guess that’s fine for short notice..

I also feel as if it’s been a while since I did anything in photoshop..Well besides prep drawings to be posted..Well it seems we are now unto the weekend..I hope everyone has a good one..~

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AlchemistLog: Wednesday, June 19th…

…Beh Unintentionally Skipping A Few Days From This…

Anyway…They announced sometime back that Under Night was getting a Version up,with a new character to play with and a new stage..Seems to be slated for release in arcades this season..I suppose since it’s still within arcades in Japan…You won’t find this news in as many places as other stuff..>:y (Plus the obscure title..) I very much find the art fun though..Hopefully they will be considering some sort of artbook or somethin’..

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AlchemistLog: Saturday, June 15th …

And We Continue…~


I noticed recently that..There were surprisingly some things that weren’t too bad about some of the doodles I did back in 2012..Further than that probably sucks though..

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AlchemistLog - Beginning Of June(Sorta)

Welp…Looks Like I Gotta Try Get A Bit More Active…


Also I was pretty amused by this..~

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AlchemistLog - May Showers…And Dark RPGs..~

[Note: these entrys I’m gonna temporarily spam are mostly sometime back but..I should get to today’s entry soon..Mostly posted these at 1Up.Com (Yes it’s still up somehow..) at least it gives me something to dump here..~]

Suddenly Another Big Reason To Want A PSP Vita..~

Ah..I guess I’ll post up a sort of ‘preview’ of this game I recently found out about.(Mostly thanks to a friend..Though I may have found it myself if I had taken a good ol’ look around siliconera..~) May right up a bit more around PixlBit,seeing as how I got a few new readers it seems. Anyhow,trailer for the game.

Might also try to post about it more,here too..Funny as it is I almost feel like I am juggling projects..Speaking of time management..I’ll dump some sketches..

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QuickUpdate: Commenting To Myself..

Yeah so I should start using this more but..the fun part is who really knows who is using what anymore heheheh…~

….I will punch steam one day for never letting me personally add people…But I guess it’s lucky I am sporadically ‘active’ in anything and everything unless I have a compelling reason..Which only slightly works nowadays…But some stuff really is surprisingly starting to get on my nerves…(No not you..:P)

Yeh..Now I sleep..

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