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S'pose I'll be mostly posting about game-related things...An artist..(Drawing,graphics and a bit of photography..) Also still a bit of a gamer...Welcome to the Ramblings of an Alchemist..Perhaps on occasion I really will ramble on about various things..Aside from games stuff that is...
AlchemistLog: Under Night In-Birth Ex:Late,Some New Stuff…

                “….Look At How Gloriously Adorable I Am!…~

..It seems the previous(Arcade version)official Webpage has updated with Videos that show basics of specific characters..But only of the playable characters so far in Arcades…But I guess I’ll wait for subbed versions to actually post ‘em up..Also the PS3 ports official webpage updated.(Presumably in celebration of the game releasing in Japan..)With wallpapers..One with all the playable characters and another with all of them in chibi form as seen in this..(But tumblr will probably shrink it down..)

(Full version Here…)

Also it seems a few people have ripped/uploaded Nanase and Byakuya’s theme songs..

Also, Akatsuki and Chaos’s themes were uploaded at some point..

Oh also the same guy who ripped Nanase and Byakuya’s themes also uploaded the Console ports main menu theme it seems..

Welp…Enjoy..Until next post..~

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While the Tekken stream is down, Nintendo’s 3DS Smash Stream is going on right now. Top of the article has some Wii U archive footage as well. Check it out!

..Some footage for those who’d like to watch..~(Streams still Live for now..)

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AlchemistLog: Under Night In-Birth Ex:Late Videos..(Tutorials)

..So it seems the videos that inbirthPR(Under Night’s official channel I linked to in a Previous post..)Did upload something of a series of Tutorial, general gameplay form of videos..And youtube user Fragarach subbed them..

Welp..Enjoy..Till next post..( ̄▽ ̄)/

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real talk fighting games are boring as shit i dont see the appeal in this

quick question: are you bad at them?

As someone who set up his blog around competitive fighting games…I understand the fact that people say they are boring. I understand that fact…

Yeah…I also understand the points mentioned here..(Kinda thought about it recently..Mostly Reblogging so others might read,plus it’s relevant to my blogs content I think..Anyhow enjoy..~)

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AlchemistLog:Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS - Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame

…Welp..Most of you probably already seen most of this stuff since the Smash Bros. series is popular..But I kinda wanted to write a little about it.(Since we can’t say much about it till it comes out and we all get a chance to play if for ourselves…)Although to quickly get a few bits and details out..Maybe not everyone caught..Anyway here is the video introducing and announcing Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening.(Or..Kakusei in Japanese..)

In case anyone was curious as to how the characters.(With the exception of Captain Falcon it seems..)Sound in the Japanese version of the video..Here’s the Japanese version..

Also as demonstrated in the video..Chrom isn’t playable but he is part of Robin’s Final Smash move..

Some of you may have it already bookmarked but..Miiverse( Masahiro Sakurai posting “Pic of the day” and putting a bit of commentary along side the screenshots..And a little insight as to how the new characters fight.(Play style..)First there was this.

Sakurai:And here’s an illustration celebrating the newcomers! This was drawn by Yusuke Kozaki, the illustrator for Fire Emblem Awakening. The character reveal movie was created by anima, which also worked on the movie sequences for the original game. We’ve really jumped into the world of “Awakening.”

(A high resolution version of it here..)

Sakurai:Along with Robin, Lucina joins the battle!! Her physical abilities are identical to Marth’s—it must be in her D.N.A. However, where Marth’s power is concentrated in the tip of the sword, Lucina’s attack strength is balanced throughout the weapon, which might make her easier to control. She’s also a little bit shorter than Marth.

Robin, the avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening, joins the battle!! As a master of tomes and the Levin sword, Robin’s not like any other swordfighter. You can also select Robin’s gender when you play.

The Levin sword and tomes are Robin’s life lines. The Levin sword can be activated by using smash attacks—you can even activate these moves in midair! However, just like in the original game, the Levin sword can be used only a limited number of times before it breaks, at which point it takes some time to regenerate. When the Levin sword is unavailable, Robin fights using the bronze sword.

The way Robin launches Arcfire is kind of crazy—he or she calls down a bolt of flame from above, then launches a pillar of fire! By the way, Robin’s tome changes with each special attack.

…Not sure if it’s gonna be clarified later but..I noticed he didn’t mention much about the Tomes and how they may or may not recharge/regenerate..(Presumably they do…?)Ah..If anyone needed/wanted any there are high resolution screenshots found here..Also it seems one of Lucina’s taunts has her able to put on the mask seen in Awakening as seen in this Scan..(Also what Kirby looks like when swallowing Lucina…)

But speaking on the characters..I was kinda surprised I guess about Lucina…Admittedly I suppose I was kinda expecting her to have at the very least a  few unique moves to her..Seeing as how I “Main” Marth…Since Melee pretty much..So far Robin has been more exciting to me, Lucina’s described to be essentially the same as Marth.(Except the sword “Power”)So Robin’s likely gonna be a character I look forward to getting used to..Plus the swords and spells combination sounds like a lot of fun..And looks fantastic..~

  Until next post..

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AlchemistLog:Under Night In-Birth Ex:Late Mini-Update…

So it seems there were 2 videos uploaded recently by the inbirthPR youtube channel..(Under Night’s official Promotional channel..)That seemingly gives something of what appears to be a rundown of Hyde’s moveset and the GRD system…If/when Sourenga from Dustloop’s forums decides to..I supposes we may have some subtitled versions of these videos(?) Anyway..Enjoy for those looking to play Hyde..~

Also I forgot to mention in the previous post about the downloadable icons found in the Special tab at the PS3 ports official webpage.(Downloadable in a ‘pack’ only and not individually..)

Oh also it is a few days early..(Or in Japan time just one day..)But there was a Yuzuriha Birthday pixel uploaded to and updated to the original Arcade version of Under Night’s official webpage..Also showing an array of colors.(Presumably of all her alternate color pallets/skins..)

…Until next post..~

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18 Jul 2014
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…Justice Rose..!~

AlchemistLog: Under Night In-Birth Ex:Late Update…Videos And Interview..

So..There was a video put up on youtube recently of a clip from a Under Night stream..That showed off a bit more of Nanase and Byakuya also..There seems to be shirts.(Of the chibi forms of the characters..)Shown and presumably being sold somewhere..Not sure if anyone has confirmed or denied whether that is the case or not..But there was also shown a poster of a familiar Promotional artwork piece..And once again Sourenga from the Dustloop forums translated an interview from a Dengeki Online article of French-Bread’s Narita and Arc Systems Mori…The Dengeki article also featured these bits of concept/design art..Where we get to see some concept art of Byakuya and Nanase and a bit of Tsukuyomi..As well as the Promotional art mentioned above and chibis..~

From the Dustloop post here…:

That picture from Dengeki is definitely drawn by the character designer Yoshihara and it sure looks like it would fit in the Character Select screen… except she doesn’t have anything to fight with… Well, Famitsu article already proves that they planned to have Tsukuyomi as a playable character. Here are the translated bits of Famitsu interview. I’ll go and start translating Dengeki article.

- Mori mailed Narita nearly everyday about the development
- Tag team begun from the fact that Mori and Narita were friends and Mori knows most of the French Bread staff. He was already involved in the original arcade version.
- Mori rejected a bunch of original ideas in the original arcade version which were changed and we ended up with the version that released 2 years ago.
- Mori offered ArcSys would share their know-how about the Network Mode which ultimately lead to this collaboration.
- French Bread ported the arcade characters completely ported to PS3 and added new characters.Then Arc took that game and added Network Mode and other elements needed for the console version.
- Development of the console port was decided around the Tokyo Game Show last year.
- Basics of the game were finished and the game was left in Arc’s hands around the end of last year.
- It took a long time until French Bread got originally Windows-based arcade version to run on PS3 since they had never done such a port.

- Narita says that: “If Under Night’s story would have been something grand, it would have overlapped with certain a lot bigger company’s creation” *stares at Mori*
- “In-Birth” might be a bit forced name, but they have once died and they are on the “inverse side of nature”.
- Idea for GRD started with people saying “I don’t know what should I do in this situation” so Narita wanted to make a clear difference to when to go offensive and when to remain defensive.
- Mori: "That gauge system is now so much better than it originally was" *laughs*
- Original idea was "fighting game focused on defense" and GRD was just a defense meter and some people were like "Can you really make a game with defense?"
and the first thing Mori said when he saw the concept 3-4 years ago was: "No one will go offensive if defense is so much stronger!"
- Concept and system were contradicting. How can you reach beginners if defense is stronger than offense? Most of the beginners don’t even know that you block by holding the stick to the opposite direction.  Only pro players care about defense game.
- In order to make a next-generation fighting game like “Calamity Trigger”, French Bread needed to adapt and use HD sprites.
- French Bread first tried doing sprites on their own to notice how much it took time. Then they approached Mori to find what his magical solution was in the process of creating HD sprites.

- Mori answered: “It will cost a whole lot of money until it’s complete”
- Mori says back in the day the original Melty Blood was surprising title and it effected many things in the development of “Guilty Gear X”

- Nanase was nearly ready to be added into arcades before the negotiations about console port begun, so French Bread ended up saving the character for better timing.
- "You already have one character, so which not add another one now that you have a chance", Mori said and that led to the creation of Byakuya.
- "Now that console version is out people will see that French Bread has intention to continue the series. Arcade players had to wait for a long time to this console version and there’s no way this is simply ending right after we release the console version. While we keep adding more characters and widening the story of this game arcade version gets upgraded and most likely gets a sequel eventually. That’s what I wanted to tell Narita when I encouraged him to add Byakuya.", Mori explains.
- French Bread was reflecting that they don’t have a character with simple personality and simple gameplay - that lead to Nanase.
- Biggest problem with Byakuya was so make sure everyone got he’s a student but that his character wouldn’t overlap with Hyde.
- Originally French Bread planned to have his big sister Tsukuyomi also as a playable character, but gave on the idea since 2 girls and 1 boy would force them to create 2nd male character to keep the character selection balanced.
- Narita originally rejected the idea of Byakuya reminding of a spider. They had already thought up a new ability for him, but then changed their mind since spider was more simple to get.
- “I’m really happy if you can figure many ways to annoy your opponents with Byakuya”, Narita says.

- Arc originally thought it would be rather simple to add Network Mode to the game, but it ended up being really troublesome because the game was just ported from arcades and didn’t have anything else programmed.
- They way game searched and read data was disjoint and it took a lot of time, so the program was altered a lot to optimize the loading times.
- Originally we simply intended to do a Training Mode that was similar to the one in arcade version, but Ishikawa from ArcSys said he’ll create even better Training Mode than in P4U and that’s how they ended up with this Training Mode.
- Currently the release is planned for Japan only, but we’re thinking of releasing the game in the rest of Asia later. I’m sure it’ll be liked by the anime fans of Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Singapore.
- Timing of the arcade update hasn’t been planned but we plan to make it so that people who got interested in console version can also play new characters in arcades.
- “If console version is popular enough, I’m sure “Under Night” can join list of games in our annual fighting game tournament.”, Mori says.”

…By the way if you’ve noticed that this previous Under Night Dustloop thread has been locked..Under Night discussion and whatnot has been moved to it’s own space there at Dustloop it seems..For those wondering…Oh right most of you might have already seen this but there is a new PV out for Under Night In-Birth Ex:Late..~ I guess..Enjoy and see you next post..

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M’kay…Meant to post these up sooner but..Here they are now..~ Although..Maybe it might be obvious(?) some of these are kinda older than others..Hah and also I never got the time nor the resources to make a “complete” set of the characters..May still try to make a few more banners and wallpapers..Recently saw a user around twitter named AkasuraXrd making recolors of the official art..May get around to using.(And crediting him..)Those recolors in wallpapers at least..Additional versions of the Hyde wallpaper can be found here..And a chibi version of the Hyde banner here…Yes,yes..My other of many hobbies, that is photoshop/custom graphic stuff..~

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So..In a Previous Log I showed my PSVita portable system and the games I got..Had been playing a lot of Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed..Didn’t know I had been gearing up and earning Stars to gain the last Tour thing in the World Tour mode..Been a lot of fun..Even if some of the Challenges are pretty frustrating at times..Not seen though is me having unlocked Joe Musashi…

Although I can now take on Challenges up to Expert-level difficulty…I am pretty sure even to remotely Win those…I am gonna need some serious Luck and the blessing of the ever loving Christ to complete those…(Although I may attempt to try the Pursuit and Battle Races..) But for now..I’ll probably try to focus more on Mind Zero..